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Companion Service

Companion Service | Cosmopolitan and Associates | Minneapolis, MN | (612) 822-3830

As people age, it is easy to become lonely. Children grow up and begin their own families and lives, friends move away or pass on, and we often find ourselves wondering where the time went. Studies show that loneliness contributes to poor health. Don’t let your health dwindle when you can use companion service in Minneapolis, MN.

At Cosmopolitan and Associates, we have been providing elderly companion service for nearly a decade. Our continual care is so much more than a ride to the doctor’s office or help cleaning the house. Our staff members aren’t just home health care providers; they’re friends!

We truly enjoy our work as a senior companion. We love to sit at the table together, enjoying a conversation about your childhood, your early twenties, or other great memories from your life. We enjoy playing card games, working crossword puzzles, and watching your favorite TV shows with you. Let’s cook a meal together, and then talk and laugh over our plates.

Did you know that memory is generally one of the first things to slip as we enter our golden years? Investing in the continual care of a companion service does more than keep you from being bored at home; it’s also therapeutic memory care that doesn’t include expensive doctors or ingesting chemical-laced medications.

Whether you want to tell us about your days as a homemaker taking care of the kids, or you’d like to show us your collection of souvenirs from your days as a pilot, we want to hear about it!

Call the offices of Cosmopolitan and Associates and find out if our companion services are right for you or your loved one!

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